Why is Rubbernecking Considered to be So Dangerous?

You will notice that where there is an accident on the motorway of one carriage, the otherwise unaffected carriageway that is present in the opposite direction comes to a halt at the same time.  This is caused by rubbernecking.  It is where the human instinct to show interest in someone else’s misery is more than the desire to focus on their own action and in this case safe driving the car rental North York. This distraction is going to cause the passing traffic to slow down and take a look at what is leading to the congestion behind or to know the cause of the accident as the driver rubbernecking isn’t paying attention while driving.

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Rear ending the car is known to be the most common secondary accident on the road and is mostly caused by rubbernecking.

Quite unfortunately, when an accident takes place on the motorways, it is often serious because of the high speed of the car rental North York. This being said, the motorways account for about 10% of road death in United Kingdom. This is irrespective of taking off 20% of the traffic and turning it into one of the safest roads type in UK.  Nonetheless, when it takes place, it can start a chain of accidents and it is not uncommon to see that the opposite carriage has suffered an accident of its own or simply slow down to some extent.


Tips to Stop Rubbernecking

There is no simple solution and installation of barriers along the central reservations of the entire motorway network. It is going to be extremely costly and also time consuming.  The best solution for car rental North York is considered to be driver education and to make sure that the person behind the wheel is completely focused on the task that he/she has in hand. In case you are renting a car and driving in some other country, it is important to focus on driving safely.  If you drive an unfamiliar car on an unfamiliar road, often on the other side of the road, you will have to pay full attention, especially around an accident as other people might be rubbernecking you.

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Rubbernecking is Dangerous

Rubbernecking is known to be dangerous as it can cause accidents in car rental North York.  If you take your eyes of the road for more than two seconds, it is going to double the risk of getting into a car accident.  In two to three seconds, you can injure, run down, or kill someone.

Rubbernecking started in the year 1800. This is referred to an activity which is commonly known as eavesdropping. This is an act of turning around, listening to someone else’s conversation, or looking at something.  This has been morphed into a meaning which has been used today, to an act of slowing down in order to look at an vehicle accident or some other spectacle at the side of the road.

Even though, it is an understandable form of human nature, rubbernecking can cause further accidents.   Rubbernecking is a traffic safety issue.  Hence, it should be prevented when it comes to car rental North York. People who do not rubberneck will not get into much accident. Another form of prevention is driving responsibly.